How does
SafeNow work?

SafeNow works both in private groups and in public SafeNow zones.

With SafeNow, you can send out alerts to predefined contacts so you can look out for yourself and others more effectively. In an emergency, friends, family and professional helpers always hear a loud sound, so they immediately know it’s important and who needs help and where.

SafeNow works

With SafeNow, you can send out alerts to predefined contacts.

Press button

Press and hold the button when you feel uncomfortable

Hold button

The alarm is activated as long as your finger is touching the display

Pull button down

Deactivate the alarm when you feel safe again

Release button

Release to alert your helpers

Sending out the alert

All of your predefined groups receive the alert

Sending out the alert

All of your helpers hear a loud sound on their phone...

Always Loud Mode

...even if your phone is silenced or in Do Not Disturb mode.

Help, fast

...and receives your exact location and phone number

Ready to use.
In just 3 steps.

Form SafeNow groups with others. You decide who should receive your alert.


Create group


Invite members


Look out for each other

Say hello to
SafeNow zones.

In SafeNow zones, your groups will be alerted along with local security personnel so you can get help even faster.

SafeNow zones

In a SafeNow Zone, you can also alert local professional security personnel

Smart matching

The app is automatically ready to use as soon as you enter a SafeNow Zone


🚉 At the train station 🔦On the way home 👨‍👨‍👦 With family 🍹At clubs & bars 🏄‍♀️With your friends🏃When jogging in the park 🎒
For travel 🎓 On campus 🎸At festivals & concerts 💼 At work

Indoor Detection

Fast help, even inside buildings

SafeNow zones

Every zone makes the world a little bit better.

TU Berlin


Official SafeSpot for 3 years

Isar Parkhaus

Parking garage


"Here SafeNow would make a lot of sense in my opinion"


“It’s really poorly lit at night. Please offer SafeNow here, too”


"I park here more often and especially at night after fitness I do not feel very safe here."


to see review


Zoologischer Garten

Train station

Official SafeSpot since 2 Years

Motel One


Official SafeSpot since 287 days

Europa Center

Shopping mall


"The parking garage would certainly be safer with SafeNow"

Lukas from Berlin

"We come here often after school and there are more frequent fights."

Lukas from Berlin


Pouch Club


Official SafeSpot since 70 days


We developed SafeNow
to give you the most peace of mind
possible, right in your hand.

Always Loud Mode

The alert
that always comes through.

SafeNow Button
Coming soon

The most powerful button in your pocket

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Your data

We don’t want your data. We don’t need your data. We don’t sell your data. 💙


Say it in your language. Everyone will understand you.

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Wherever you are.
Trigger the alarm from your smartwatch too.

Download SafeNow for free now


“My brothers and I got SafeNow, and since then I’ve felt much safer when I’m out and about on my own! A well-earned 5 stars!”


“I almost never hear my phone when I’m at the beach. SafeNow is really loud when something comes up 👌.”

089 Laura

“I often open the app just to make sure my boyfriend would be there if anything happened. But I don’t want to bug him all the time. Being in a taxi and having the feeling that someone could see me right away was really helpful.”


“More safety for everyone and free, cool”


“If anything were to happen, I know my cousin can definitely reach me using the app, even if I’m in a meeting and have my phone on silent, for example. Pretty cool!”


“Thanks to the app, my safety is no longer a tricky subject. I always have it right in my pocket!”