SafeNow is the recommended provider in the area of safety at hotels

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SafeNow turns your hotel into a SafeNow Zone in seconds, giving your staff and guests peace of mind.

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Test alert at Breidenbacher Hof Hotel. An employee presses the button in the SafeNow app on their phone in Room 325 at 9:20 p.m. “Three staffers were there within 40 seconds,”says the hotel manager, Cyrus Heydarian. “That gives us all peace of mind. We’re on the scene in less than a minute, so we can make sure it doesn’t get worse.”

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SafeNow is the perfect safety solution for staff and guests.

Cyrus Heydarian
Managing Director, Hotel Breidenbacher Hof


SafeNow offers many advantages for you, your guests and your staff.

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Guests are automatically connected to your SafeNow Zone

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SafeNow enables easy, precision position location even inside buildings


Easily divide the entire area into subareas

SafeNow Partner App

An emergency app for your guests and a tool for your employees


Although there are personnel right on site, they often don’t hear in time – or even at all – when their help is needed. Hotels are generally too big or too hard to monitor, or privacy concerns mean there is no surveillance.

Any hotel can instantly be turned into a SafeNow Zone. The zone is immediately visible to all guests and your staff in the app.

SafeNow in use.

With SafeNow, staff and guests feel safer. Plus, early reporting has been shown to facilitate deescalation and prevent incidents.

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Deutsche Bahn teamed up with the German federal police and SafeNow to evaluate the effects of the SafeNow safety system on the actual and perceived safety of passengers, employees and businesses at the Südkreuz train station in Berlin.

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Cover the grounds without having to pay for additional security personnel or cameras. Employees feel appreciated, and job satisfaction increaseswhile privacy is maintained.

100x greater coverage of your grounds without having to pay for additional security personnel or cameras.

Employees feel safer at work, and shop operators can save on security costs. No false alarms. 0% failure rate.

First aid providers are seamlessly integrated into the safety concept. 98% of security personnel and first aid providers recommend SafeNow.

Ready for use.
In just 3 steps.

Your SafeNow Zone is immediately visible to all guests in the SafeNow app. Maximum coverage, minimum resources. Tangible safety in every guest’s pocket.


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Assign helpers


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Immediately noticeable

Users will see your SafeNow Zone right away in the app.

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