We want to put safety in the hands of everyone in the world - for free. The SafeNow app gives users instant access to available on-the-spot help in the event of an emergency, whether it's family, friends or professional helpers. Every time people connect through SafeNow, they decide to take better care of each other out of love and caring.

The idea

Nowadays, there are so-called "smart matching" apps for almost all areas of life. The principle is very similar: A has a need, B has an offer, and a platform is organized to bring both sides together. For mobility there is Uber, for love Tinder, for food Wolt and for housing Airbnb. But what about when it comes to personal safety?


Until now, the only option was to call the police. Although security forces are present in many places, they often notice too late or not at all when their help is needed. Areas are too large, too confusing or cannot be monitored due to privacy concerns, such as in restrooms. How is it possible to close this critical gap in our existing security structure?

At SafeNow, our goal is to change that: With our app, people seeking help can send an alert to local security personnel with one click. This is made possible by so-called "SafeNow Zones". In this area, defined by the event organizer or operator of a site, helpers and those seeking assistance can quickly come together via the SafeNow app.

In the event of an emergency, on-site security personnel receive an alarm and are immediately informed of who needs help. Thanks to precise positioning technology, they receive a location accurate to the meter and thus know exactly where they need to go. This means that even floors and rooms within buildings can be precisely assigned. This enables unprecedented speed in bringing together helpers and those seeking assistance.

In addition, SafeNow users can network with friends and family in private groups in the app - independent of SafeNow zones - to better watch out for each other in emergency situations. All group members are thus able to send a loud alarm that also overrides "Do Not Disturb" and "Silent." Since it's not a standard text message or phone call, everyone in the group immediately knows that it's serious, and they immediately know who needs their help and where.


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"my brothers and I got SafeNow and since then I feel much safer when I'm out on my own! 5 stars are only deserved!"


"I hardly ever hear my phone on the beach. SafeNow is very loud when something is ๐Ÿ‘Œ."

089 Laura

"I often open the app just to know that my boyfriend would be there if something is wrong. But I don't want to bug him every time. The feeling in the cab of being able to be seen immediately was very valuable."


"More security for everyone and for free, cool".


"In case something ever happens, I know that my cousin can reach me no matter what, even if I'm in a meeting, for example, and have my phone on silent. Pretty cool!"


"Thanks to the app, my safety is no longer a difficult issue. I always have it in my pocket!"