What does
SafeNow cost?


We think everyone has the right to feel safe and free, wherever they are. That’s why the SafeNow app will always be free of charge.

We do not run ads, nor do we earn money with your personal data. Instead, SafeNow is financed by the providers of public SafeNow zones, who believe it is important to give their guests peace of mind throughout these zones.


We developed SafeNow
to give you the most peace of mind
possible, right in your hand.

Always Loud Mode

The alert
that always comes through.

SafeNow Button
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The most powerful button in your pocket

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Your data

We don’t want your data. We don’t need your data. We don’t sell your data. 💙


Say it in your language. Everyone will understand you.

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Wherever you are.
Trigger the alarm from your smartwatch too.

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“My brothers and I got SafeNow, and since then I’ve felt much safer when I’m out and about on my own! A well-earned 5 stars!”


“I almost never hear my phone when I’m at the beach. SafeNow is really loud when something comes up 👌.”

089 Laura

“I often open the app just to make sure my boyfriend would be there if anything happened. But I don’t want to bug him all the time. Being in a taxi and having the feeling that someone could see me right away was really helpful.”


“More safety for everyone and free, cool”


“If anything were to happen, I know my cousin can definitely reach me using the app, even if I’m in a meeting and have my phone on silent, for example. Pretty cool!”


“Thanks to the app, my safety is no longer a tricky subject. I always have it right in my pocket!”